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Three DBAs walk into a bar and…

Monday June 14 morning I started this “complete the sentence” tweet exchange for “Three DBAs walk into a bar” as a way to beat the Monday blues.  Tweets received are worthy of posting for everyone to laugh and have a good time. These are the Tweets received as of 6/14/2010 11:45am using hash tag #3DBAsWalkIntoABar:

#3DBAsWalkIntoABar and accidentally break the mirror. The manager kicks them out saying she has not tolerance for that fault.
#3DBAsWalkIntoABar and trigger a karaoke smackdown.
#3DBAsWalkIntoABar and order everything by the CASE
#3DBAsWalkIntoABar but are too shy to talk to anyone, so they state at the CEILING
#3DBAsWalkIntoABar and order some port
#3DBAsWalkIntoABar and fall in a heap
#3DBAsWalkIntoABar in a cluster

#3DBAsWalkIntoABar and walk up to another group of DBAs and say “Can we join your tables?”

#3DBAsWalkIntoABar and discover the bathrooms maintenance plan was not in place.
#3DBAsWalkIntoABar, or try to at least. Turns out the bar was deadlocked
#3DBAsWalkIntoABar and try their best all evening to find an inner join.

#3DBAsWalkIntoABar and leave once they realize the jukebox doesn’t have trolololo
#3DBAsWalkIntoABar, one drops.

#3DBAsWalkIntoABar “and proceed to inspect all triggers in the saloon.”

#3DBAsWalkIntoABar “and Jagermeister’s stock immediately rose by 8%.”

#3DBAsWalkIntoABar “and immediately start complaining – they have to wait on a table and the menu doesnt have an index” 

#3DBAsWalkIntoABar and start getting yelled at by wait staff saying “It’s all your fault the restaurant is slow!!”


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