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Word Macro to load a Data Warehouse

Recently I came across a very specific requirement for a Data Warehouse project for one of our customers. Due to their very tight data access and transfer security, network packets were not only being encrypted, but they were also being scanned for DML T-SQL statements like Insert, Update and Select. If any of these statements came across the network the packets were immediately dropped.

With a little creativity and help from one of their developers, who by the way is a Microsoft Office MVP, we developed a Word Macro that enabled us to copy/paste data into the data warehouse.

We inserted more than a million rows less than 1 hour, which is not bad given the constraints and maintenance window.

Here is the link to download the script in text format which will work with the Adventure Works sample databases: MacroScript.txt


Typing yourself to death…

Viewer discretion advised.

Not sure who deserves credit for this image but this is the funniest animated graphic I have ever seen:

Don’t you feel sometimes that you are typing yourself to death?

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