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Shuttle Endeavor last mission STS-134: I felt the shockwave

I witnessed a piece of history today at 8:56am; the last voyage of shuttle Endeavor on its STS-134 mission. It was truly an amazing experience that will I will always remember. I was able to secure a spot across the Indian River about 12 miles across the Kennedy Space Center with direct unobstructed view to the launch pad. I was able to view and feel the launch. As you can hear from the video below the sound shockwave came in about 1 minute later due to the distance. A dark shadow of the shuttle’s smoke plume was casted over the clouds above. Everyone cheered and united in celebration as we saw Endeavor disappear into the clouds and into outer space for its last mission. Godspeed STS-134 crew!

This is the shuttle Endeavor launch video I was able to capture:

Some of the pictures I took while waiting for the launch:

I had to share this amazing pictures taken from an airplane above the clouds minutes after Endeavor’s take-0ff:

Credits: Stefanie Gordon (http://www.twitpic.com/photos/Stefmara)

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