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4 Responses

  1. Jose –

    I’m a member of the Tampa Bay SQL Users Group and wanted to thank you.. very nice of you to let us use your conference room… beautiful venue.

    I really like the blog… very interesting read on the certifications.. I just got my MCITP SQL Database Admin 2008 as well.

    – Andrew

  2. Hi Joe, I attended SQL Saturday last weekend and your presentation on custom hiearchies. Do you have any digital materials posted? If so, can you direct me to those? Thanks!

  3. Hi ,
    I have one doubt regarding SSRS.

    Repeat on new page is not working for Static data In SSRS.
    I have one table with header data. When ever I have used one table with grouped data at that time this property is working .But when I am using table without group data then the header part is not repeating in the next page of the report.

    Same also happening for the line report item.
    I have taken one table and above that I have put one line report item .I want to display the line in every page of the report. It is working fine when table has detail data with group data. But when ever I deleted the group form the table then it is not working.
    I am facing this issues since 1 month and I have still not find any workaround.
    Please help me regarding this.
    My mail Id:-aswinirout1@gmail.com

    Thanks and Regards,
    Aswini Rout

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