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In compliance with 16 C.F.R. Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising (http://www.ftc.gov/multimedia/video/business/endorsement-guides.shtm), this serves as my full disclosure regarding my blog.

My blog manifesto:

  1. I blog because I am a true believer that knowledge needs to be passed on to the next generations.
  2. I blog because it helps me solidify my knowledge and understanding of the topics and technology I blog about.
  3. I blog because it helps build my credentials and working track with the topics and technology I blog about.
  4. I blog because it helps me reach and connect with many professionals in my fields of interest.
  5. I blog because I like to help people.

I currently work as an independent contractor and own my own consulting firm Agile Bay, Inc. (http://www.agilebay.com), a consulting and software development firm with focus on Microsoft technologies in areas like Database, Collaboration,Development, Productivity, Data Warehousing and  Business Intelligence among others.  In some cases, partners may provide free software, hardware, or other intellectual material and products to review and blog about. While my intention is not for my blog to become a sales channel, I may at some point decide to blog about certain products or vendors that I may find relevant for the community to know about. I may or may not be paid for doing this. In most cases, I will choose not to be paid in order to keep an unbiased point of view. In case I’m being paid, it shall be disclosed on the particular blog post.

As President of the Tampa Bay Business Intelligence User Group and PASS Official Chapter, I often receive free software, hardware and other intellectual material and products to give away to our user group members. These give aways, also referred to as “swag”, are not direct gifts to me but rather the user group itself. On every user group meeting these “swag” is raffled away for free among attendees. I may also receive sponsorships in the form of cash, hosting, food or others from PASS and other user group sponsors. These sponsorships are geared to carry out our monthly user group meetings or special events like SQL Saturday.

While I may have a vested interest to blog about user group sponsors,  partners and their products or services, the opinions expressed are solely up to my discretion and do not represent those of  the user group  sponsors or business partners.

You may contact me via email: jchinchilla@sqljoe.com for further clarifications regarding my association with a particular company or product.


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